Rendering Services

Rendering is a two coat sand and cement system, the base coat is used to straighten and fill any holes/imperfections, leaving a base coat ready to apply the finish or top coat. When the finish/top coat is applied, it’s rubbed up with a float and then sponged leaving a flat smooth finish ready for painting.

It’s really important to maintain the exterior of your property and protect your investment for the future. Exterior rendering work can give an old property a new lease of life not just aesthetically, but also by protecting from deterioration and weather damage over the years. Our team have also worked on a number of commercial projects from offices to new builds that require quality external rendering services.

The process involves a traditional sand cement render for the first application to set into the current exposed brickwork to provide an impermeable surface. The second layer is then applied and rubbed down to create a high-quality external surface which can then be painted. More modern and perhaps more popular options in using a choice of coloured renders like K-rend and Monocouche which provide extra protection and insulation.

We’ve worked on many exterior rendering projects and would love to share our experience and knowledge with you to ensure your property gets the treatment it deserves. To learn more, get in touch with the team now…

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